Welcome to the official website of the Louisiana-based voice actor, Carrick Inabnett! Here you can find his demo reels, resume, studio, and a gallery of his previous works.As early as 10 years old, Carrick caught the acting bug and performed in many theater productions. One day he was diagnosed with scoliosis and had to get surgery to straighten his spine. This inspired Carrick to pursue voice acting, so even if his body should ever give out, he'll always have his voice to continue pursuing what he loves.Since then Carrick has lent his voice to a number of animations, video games, rap songs, podcasts, etc., and he still hasn't stopped on stage acting. With a youthful, energetic tone and a willingness to keep honing his craft, Carrick is always ready to bring your characters to life!

CautionnemalViolencemadoCallieVideo Game
Ronnie RuthlessSally MountainpeakCassius CreedAnimation
VincentMy Student SpiritPhoenix AnimationDub
Jim the HumanDoomsday ParadiseLemonade FlashbangVideo Game
LinkMario vs LinkSIR Rap BattlesRap
MicMeet Mic!On the Mic TrainingCommercial
DB CooperEarhart vs CooperFreshy KanalRap

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